The Markdown for Bitbucket macro (Cloud) encounters a 500 error when the Markdown Extensions for Confluence App is used.

This article guides the resolution of the 500 error while using the Markdown for Bitbucket macro and attempting to connect to Bitbucket.

Issue Description

Configuring the Markdown for Bitbucket macro to establish a connection with a Bitbucket repository occasionally results in a 500 internal server error, as depicted in the screenshot below. This error occurs when the token authorization process is unsuccessful.


To resolve the problem, the token must be reauthorized. Follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Go to the Markdown extensions configuration and click on Reauthorize. As shown in the below screenshot.



  2. After clicking the reauthorize option, follow the instructions at this link for additional configuration steps: .

  3. You can ascertain the successful addition of the token by checking your Bitbucket account.


  • Kindly ensure that you have the required administrative access.