Custom JQL gadget shows a blank line in the Dashboard Pro app

This article explains the blank line issue in the custom JQL gadget in the Dashboard Hub for Jira app.

Issue Description

When performing field aggregation in JQL Custom Charts, it is important to note that if the specific field is blank for certain issues, a corresponding blank line will appear in the JQL chart, indicating a count of 0 for that category.


The field count displays 0 along with a blank line due to the fact that issues in which the specific field lacks a value are considered null. The null values are not equivalent to one another, which results in them not being grouped together when the count of the specific field is computed.

Steps for Resolution

A potential solution for this issue is to create two separate JQL custom charts. One chart can display all the issues where the specific field is blank, and the other chart can show all the issues where the specific field does not have a blank value. To achieve this, utilize the "is null" and "is not null" keywords in the JQL queries. This approach helps segregate and analyze the data based on the presence or absence of values in the specific field.