PS 6.x

Version 6.2.820.3 / Released: Jan 2024


  1. SUPPORT-162590 [support, impr] Created JApprover structure, returned now by JApproval.japprovers [SUPPORT-162590]

Version 6.2.820.2 / Released: Dec 2023

Security fixes, small bug fix, improvement

  1. PS-698 [internal, impr] Listeners that react to Issue events can now be filtered on Issue type only (no project needed) [PS-698]

  2. SUPPORT-125083 [support, bug] Fixed SIL Panel's delete config button doesn't work [SUPPORT-125083]

  3. PSCL-425 [internal, impr] Added the ability to create new files from SIL snippets and to insert SIL snippets into current file [PSCL-425]

Version 6.2.820.1 / Released: Sep 2023

Improvements in getting the email and JSD

  1. PS-686 [support, impr] Getting raw emails and email message options [PS-686]

  2. KATL-185 [support, impr] copyAttachmentOnJSDComment() copy attachments and make them public on a new comment in JSD [KATL-185]

Version 6.2.820.0 / Released: Aug 2023


Support for the SIL Debugger added. Check 'SIL Engine' Release notes for details. Security: dependencies updated

  1. SUPPORT-96564 [support, impr] Added the approval id to the JApproval structure [SUPPORT-96564]

Version 6.1.820.2 / Released: June 2023


  1. SUPPORT-92380 [support, impr] Support in listeners for Login/Logout events [SUPPORT-92380]

Version 6.1.820.1 / Released: May 2023

Bug fixes and enhancements

Improved memory consumption for asynchronous listeners. Bug fixes.

  1. KREF-342 [internal, impr] Better memory use on asynchronous listeners [KREF-342]

Version 6.1.820.0 / Released: Mar 2023

Compatibility Release (JL)

Version 6.1.820.0 introduces binary incompatibility, please make sure to update every plugin in the Power Suite to 6.1.820.0. System page added, Listener improvements Bug fixes

  1. [support, bug] Fixed script selection tree in the Automation for Jira integration [SUPPORT-57957]

  2. [support, bug] Fixed Power Scripts plugin fails to start if LDAP password is wrong [SUPPORT-88523]

Version 6.0.820.3 / Released: Nov 2022

Bug fixes

  1. [support, bug] Fixed the getRequestsTypes routine, that didn't return all the results [SUPPORT-23341]

Version 6.0.820.2 / Released: Oct 2022

Minor bug fixes & Major Improvements

Minor bug fixes. Resources are now better minified

  1. [support, bug] Format SIL Listeners page [SUPPORT-23553]

Version 6.0.820.1 / Released: Sep 2022

Minor bug fixes

Minor bug fixes

  1. [bug] SIL Validator: Scary message in the log when validating non-standard fields. No impact in the execution

Version 6.0.820.0 / Released: Aug 2022

Compatibility Release

This release is a compatibility release aimed to Java 11 / Jira 8.20.x and up / Jira 9.0. There are countless improvements, including better security and performance.