PS 5.8

Version / Released: July 2022

  1. [cosmetic] Updated documentation links

Version / Released: July 2022

Bug fixes

  1. CADS-10981 [support, bug] Fixed the Live Fields screen display when selecting too many projects [CADS-10981]

  2. CADS-11835 [support, bug] Fixed an error in the Workflow Post function wizard [CADS-11835]

Version / Released: Apr 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

  1. PSPB-42 [support, bug] NPE in JSD approvals custom field descriptor [PSPB-42]

  2. PS-340 [internal, impr] Integration with the Botron Configuration Manager [PS-340]

Version / Released: March 2022

Bug fixes and improvements

  1. PS-446 [internal, impr] Added 'Move last' button in the Workflow Draft Edit page for SIL post functions [PS-446]

  2. PS-447 [internal, impr] Added 'Publish changes' button in the Workflow Draft Edit page for SIL conditions/validators/post functions [PS-447]

  3. PS-444 [internal, impr] Added 'Go To Workflow' button in the Workflow Viewer configuration page [PS-444]

  4. CADS-10962 [support, bug] Fixed some display issues in the Workflow Viewer [CADS-10962]

Version / Released: January 2022

Minor fixes

Happy New Year! We wish you a better one, and to help you on this matter, we fixed some bugs

  1. CADS-10703 [support, bug] NPE in getAllOpenSprints routine [CADS-10703]

  2. CADS-10825 [support, bug] Fixed lfSet on Radio CF in Jira Service Desk - Customer Portal [CADS-10825]

  3. CADS-9689 [regression, bug] Regression, re-applied fix [CADS-9689]

  4. CADS-10796 [support, bug] Fixed lfWatch on select CF [CADS-10796]

  5. KREF-207 [internal, impr] Small improvements in the UI [KREF-207]

Version / Released: December 2021

Bug fixes and improvements

Bug fixes, Workflow Validator improvements

  1. PS-38 [internal, impr] Line breaks in validator messages [PS-38]

  2. PS-25 [internal, impr] Consistent use of aliases in sil validator [PS-25]

  3. [internal, bug] NPE for inconsistent workflow missing the path attribute

  4. CADS-10384 [support, bug] getAllWorkflowTransitions fails for nested conditions [CADS-10384]

  5. CADS-10427 [support, bug] lfHideTab fails on edit and create screens [CADS-10427]

  6. CADS-10416 [support, bug] Issue fields don't get updated by scripts triggered from Automation for Jira [CADS-10416]

  7. [internal, bug] Fixed help popups not working in the workflow wizard pages (SIL conditions, validators, postfunctions)

  8. Removed a vulnerable version of log4j (2.15.0) - which was only present in Power Scripts

Version / Released: November 2021

Minor fixes

Includes the fixes made into SIL Engine. Check out the 'SIL Engine' release notes.

  1. CADS-9910 [support, bug] Added project key to the project picker (Live Fields configuration page, etc.) [CADS-9910]

  2. CADS-9918 [support, bug] Fixed a Live Fields issue with custom fields on the Boards Issue Detail view [CADS-9918]

Version / Released: October 2021

Production-ready version.

Help has been added for Jira Agile, Portfolio and Service Desk routines. Inline help for routines. Important stability fixes.

  1. PS-386 [internal, bug] Upgrade Live Fields fails on Postgres [PS-386]

  2. PS-167 [internal, impr] Improve CF discovery for Jira Software and Portfolio [PS-167]

  3. PS-64 [internal, bug] Editing an existing interval, non-repeatable scheduler doesn't show the correct schedule time [PS-64]

Version / Released: September 2021

Major changes. Live Fields core support was moved into SIL Engine, to make it available for free in other addons. This introduces a break in compatibility upgrade, users coming from 3.x versions will have to stop first at latest 4.8 version, then upgrade to the 5.8 version.

  1. KREF-135 [internal, impr] Move core Live Fields into SIL Engine [KREF-135]

Version / Released: September 2021

Bug fixes

  1. CADS-8869 [support] getRequestTypes function does not return all data in case JIRA has more than 100 request types [CADS-8869]

  2. [internal] Duplicates eliminated from JQL search (inEpics & inFeatures)

  3. PS-373 [support] wrong behavior on editing CRON schedule [PS-373]

Version / Released: June 2021

  1. CADS-8842 [support] Fixed JSD queues disappearing when installing on a JSD instance [CADS-8842]

  2. [internal] Fixed Live Fields configuration page allowing empty value for Jira Environment field

Version / Released: June 2021

Major improvements. Besides re-working the UI to align it with the Atlassian look and feel, there are a number of improvements you need to know about: Listeners got improved: - you can now listen for specific projects and issue types; - you can now react to java class events (any events, in fact). Security of the solution was dramatically improved JQL functions now auto-enable if there are no name clashes

  1. CADS-7371 [support] Some customfields are discovered by name, not by CFT key [CADS-7371]

  2. CADS-8055 [support] Fixed lfRestrictSelectOptions/lfAllowSelectOptions for issueType, broken in Jira 8.15 [CADS-8055]

  3. CADS-8220 [support] Fixed lfSet for multi user picker not working in a certain scenario in Edit mode [CADS-8220]

  4. CADS-8241 [support] Fixed Group Picker's group selection icon not getting disabled with lfDisable [CADS-8241]

  5. CADS-8291 [support] Fixed Live Fields not triggering in Agile Boards starting with Jira v8.13 [CADS-8291]

  6. CADS-8383 [support] Fixed issue with lfAllowSelectOptions/lfRestrictSelectOptions for multi-select CFs [CADS-8383]

  7. CADS-8442 [support] Fixed lfDisable for cascade select [CADS-8442]

  8. CADS-8430 [support] Fixed validators do not work on bulk screen [CADS-8430]

  9. CADS-8435 [support] Fixed lfAllowSelectOptions & lfWatch for CF Radio Button in customer portal [CADS-8435]

  10. CADS-8663 [support] Fixed the Edit screen LF routines for the 'attachments' field [CADS-8663]