Returns the variable as presented in the environment. A special variable is set 'sil.home' that will point to the actual location of the SIL programs. You can configure this folder from the SIL Configuration page.

Valid variables:

  1. sil.home points to the folder keeping the SIL programs

  2. Any Java environment variable (such as 'java.home', 'os.arch', etc )

  3. Any environment variable, exported in the operating system (XX =aa ; export XX ) before the java process was started

  4. All vars from the '' file.

Note: the routine looks in the 'sil.home ' directory after a file called '' which must exist, otherwise the variables are not exported.

You can put all your host -dependent additional variables in this '' file, and create easy-transferable scripts. This file contains key -value pairs (name =value ).


Return Type



print("Your SIL programs are in " + silEnv("sil.home"));

Every time the sil.home is changed, the contents of the old '' file will not be taken into account by this routine. You must copy the contents of the old file in the new location manually.

See Environment Variables for more details.

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