Returns an array of JLdapUserStruct representing all users matched by the query.


Return Type

JLdapUserStruct []

Each element in the array represents a user. The attributes field of the JLdapUserStruct is also keyed by the attribute name for easy access to attributes. Each attribute is a JLdapUserAttribute. The "value" field of the attribute is a string array. If the attribute only has one value, the array will contain only one element, but will still be an array and not a single string.


OpenDS Example

JLdapUserStruct [] users = ldapUserStruct("objectClass=inetOrgPerson"); for(JLdapUserStruct u in users) { print(u.DN); for(JLdapUserAttribute attr in u.attributes) { print(attr.name + " = " + attr.value); } print("ID is : " + u.attributes["uid"].value); }

LDAP must be configured. See LDAP configuration page.
Only Microsoft Active Directory is supported at this time, but it might work with other as well (tested with OpenDS). To provide support for other LDAP types contact us.

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