Checks if the database is available. Optionally, it can check also the availability of the results for the SQL passed in as the second parameter.


Return Type

Boolean (true/false)


Example 1

Let's suppose in our examples `TextField` is a custom field text already configured for the current Jira server instance and `TestDB` represents the database resource name configured in the server context. For more details see SQL data sources.

TextField=databaseAvailable("TestDB"); //will set 'TextField' value to 'true'

Example 2

TextField=databaseAvailable("TestDB", "select pname from project"); //will set 'TextField' value to 'true' if the SQL passed in can be executed

Example 3

TextField=databaseAvailable("TestDB", "select pname from inexistentTableName");//will set 'TextField' value to 'false', because the SQL passed in cannot be executed

Example 4


To configure the data source check the SQL data sources configuration chapter.


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