Disabling Custom Fields That Are Not Supported

Not all custom fields are supported by Live Fields. For a complete list, see this documentation on Fields and graphic elements supported by Live Fields. This page will guide you on how to use JavaScript and jQuery as a workaround to disable unsupported custom fields.

Inspecting and Copying the Query Selector 

Follow the instructions here on copying the element of the query selector.

Disabling Custom Fields Based on Selection

Main Script

lfInstantHook("issueType", "LiveFields/hook.sil"); lfWatch("issueType", "issueType", "LiveFields/hook.sil");

Hook Script

if (argv["issueType"] == "Task") {     lfExecuteJS("LiveFields/disable.js"); } else if (argv["issueType"] == "Bug") {     lfExecuteJS("LiveFields/enable.js"); }


// The query selector for custom fields change between view and edit screens. Include references to both. AJS.$("#rowForcustomfield_10301").enable(true); AJS.$("#qf-field-customfield_10301").enable(true);


Disabling Custom Fields in the Bulk Edit Tool

Using the “enable(false)” jQuery function also works if you would like to disable a custom field found in the bulk edit tool.

Additional Help

Need help implementing this script? Talk to me directly to me by clicking on the bot on this page. 

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