Adding a Clickable Link to an Element Using Live Fields

Sometimes you would like to add a clickable link to an element to the Jira UI such as a Power Actions button. This guide shows you how.


  1. In the Live Fields main script. lfInstantHook() runs "clickableLink.js" when the page is loaded.

    lfInstantHook({}, "clickableLink.js");
  2. In “clickableLink.js”. See this Knowledgebase article on copying the query selector.

    AJS.$(<query selector goes here>).click(function() {<desired url goes here>); return false; });
  3. Here is a full example of the JavaScript:

    AJS.$("#customfield_10800-val").click(function() {"http://localhost:8080/browse/EX-2"); return false; });

Additional Help

Need help implementing this script? Talk to me directly to me by clicking on the bot on this page.

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