Common REST Service Security Settings

The SIL Common REST Service automatically grants read and execute permissions to Jira system administrators. This page shows how to grant these permissions to a regular Jira user with no special permissions.

Finding the Remote Systems Configuration

Go to administration → Manage Apps. Then click on “Remote Systems”.

Grant Execute Inline

To grant permissions to users to execute scripts inline, select the user or groups you would like to add as pictured below. Since the scripts reside on the client side, no scripts are selected.

Grant Read

To grant read access to scripts, specify the user or groups desired and the specified script or directory. This allows a user to return a list of SIL scripts on the server.

Grant Execute

To grant execute permissions, specify either the group or user desired, plus the script or directory. This allows the user to run scripts on the server.



You can specify entire directories, including the silprograms folder.

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