Server/Data Center to Cloud Migration

Currently, the process for migrating scripts and settings from a Jira Server or Data Center instance to a Jira Cloud instance is largely manual. However, we can gladly assist those users who have a large number of scripts that might be overwhelming to migrate manually.

How to get help moving scripts to cloud:

  1. Upgrade your Power Scripts and SIL Engine version to or higher

  2. Using the new download feature, export all the scripts from you Server or Data Center instance. See this page for additional details.

  3. Install Power Script for Jira Cloud on the new Jira Cloud instance you want scripts migrated to

  4. Open a help desk ticket using this link:

  5. In the ticket, provide the URL of the Jira Cloud instance

  6. Upload the script files created in step #2

A customer support agent will gladly help to get the attached files moved over to the Jira Cloud instance.