Power Salesforce Connector

Traditionally, companies are using two systems to manage their work: Jira for product development and support and Salesforce (or other) for Sales. This leads to silos of trapped information resulting in miscommunication, duplication of efforts and inability to move swiftly on product issues. Power Salesforce Connector provides a smooth collaboration solution to communicate and work on issues efficiently, easily connecting Salesforce and Jira so all the information about your customers, and the products you're building for them come together in one place. With advanced features this connector is all you need for faster, more productive collaboration between your sales and delivery teams.

Key features

  • Configurable and bi-directional synchronization of Jira and Salesforce field data

  • Integrated workflows between Salesforce and Jira

  • Real-time and secure connectivity between Jira and Salesforce

  • Update data in Salesforce based on changes in Jira

  • Create projects and tickets in Jira based on Salesforce opportunities

  • Retrieve field data from Salesforce & display in Jira tickets

  • Retrieve field data from Jira and display in Salesforce records

Key Benefits

With customer satisfaction being a primary goal in most businesses, Power Salesforce Connector is the tool you need to cohesively integrate your CRM, ALM, IT Helpdesk, Development use cases and software vendors putting all the information and context in one easy place for both teams to access, resulting in:

  • Better Customer Satisfaction. Customers have real-time feedback on escalations and understand where their ticket is in the process, building transparency and trust.

  • Simplified Workflow. Fuse Sales, Customer Support, and Development together in a way that caters to all their work item needs as related to their customer requests, increasing ability to repeat and scale cross team handoffs.

  • Better Enterprise Collaboration. Real-time and historical comments, attachments, status and other system relevant fields are completely bridged across systems allowing the context at different stages

  • Productivity Increases. Automation of work between systems reduced manual reporting and time spent understanding the big picture.

  • Cost Savings: Fewer people needed to be a part of the process and handoffs and this became an automated rule vs someone's job.

  • Simplify workflow inefficiencies. Easily trace work items as they move through different departments. 

  • Escalate work in a more effective way. Get real-time context and better communication and collaboration of work items that happen at different times in a process and workflow.

  • Synchronize work items between two systems (Salesforce and Jira). Sought to be able to escalate, fast track and bi-directionally synchronize Jira and Salesforce fields, custom fields, status, comments, attachments.