SIL Tempo Connector

SIL® Tempo Connector enables you to extend Jira by handling Tempo Timesheets objects so that you can sync data by updating Issues, Accounts, and Teams in a timely manner.

We are excited to introduce support in our Power apps portfolio for the popular Tempo Timesheets plugin including support for following datatypes:

  • Accounts

  • Teams

  • Issues

  • Timesheet attributes

Key features

  • Create your own functions in SIL®

  • Set the Team and Account fields automatically

  • Retrieve and parse  data for the attribute to all existing work logs. Or attributes can be automatically set when a work log is added

  • Update the relevant work logs

  • Create a validator that checks to see if a user is in the team defined in Tempo and restrict transitions accordingly

  • Show or hide fields on the screen based on Tempo Team/Account