Field has been modified Validator

A workflow validator that ensures that a certain field was modified during a transition. The selected field should be available on the transition screen for modification.

To add 'Field has been modified Validator' to a transition:

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the validator on.
  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.
  3. Click on Validators in the properties panel.
  4. Click on Add validator.
  5. Select Field has been modified Validator from the list of validators.
  6. Click on Add to add the validator on the transition.
  7. Select the field name from the Field drop-down.
  8. Click on Add to add the validator to the transition.

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Refer to the Use cases for validators page for use cases for this validator.

When you add this validator to a transition and trigger the transition, the add-on checks if the user has changed the value of the selected field on the transition screen. You can identify the field that needs to be modified with a red asterisk suffixed to the title of the field. If no change is found, then an error message is displayed. When the validation is conditional (below), the asterisk is not shown.

Validator Scope

To execute this validator based on the result of a groovy expression see Conditional execution using Groovy expression