Separation of Duties Condition

A workflow condition that enforces separation of duties (for SAS-70 compliance), i.e. it makes sure that the same user cannot trigger two incompatible transitions on the same issue.

To add 'Separation of Duties Condition' to a transition:

  1. Click Edit for the workflow that has the transition you wish to configure the condition on.
  2. In the Workflow Designer, select the transition.
  3. Click on Conditions in the properties panel.
  4. Click on Add condition.
  5. Select Separation of Duties Condition from the list of conditions.
  6. Click on Add to add the condition on the transition.
  7. Select the originating status of the transition from the From Status drop-down.
  8. Select the destination status of the transition from the To Status drop-down.
  9. Click on Add to add the condition to the transition. 

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Refer to the Use cases for conditions page for use cases for this condition.

Specifying the incompatible transition

Jira does not keep a track of the actual transitions (or workflow actions) but only of the changes in the status of an issue. So, it is impossible to distinguish between two transitions that share the same source and destination statuses. Therefore, this condition requires that you specify transitions in the form of a destination status and a source status (or Any for all transitions leading to the destination status).

When you add this condition to a transition, the add-on checks whether the current user has triggered any transitions between the selected From and To statuses. If a transition has been triggered between the two selected statuses by the current user, then the transition on which the condition is configured will be hidden from the user.

In short, the selected transition will be available to the user as long as the user never triggered any transition between the two selected statuses.