Using JQL in JMWE

This document presents examples on how to use JQL in JMWE instead of Groovy. This is specifically useful when complex conditions are easier to express in JQL using jqlSearch() function.

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Issue type is a Bug

Groovy == "Bug"


jqlSearch( "issuetype = 'Bug'" , 1 )

Priority of the issue

Groovy == "High"


Reporter is a member of the Administrators group



Checking the value of a multi-valued field



Generate a report of all HIGH severity JIRA tickets for a project with key X (or name X) that were created from 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST from the start of the year

Preventing users from reporting too many issues per day

Disallowing working on too many issues at the same time

"issuetype = "Test case" AND "Test Failed against browsers" is EMPTY" - Groovy condition

The current issue is the only issue that is resolved

Transition parent issue only when all the subtasks are in status “Done”