Conditions using JQL in JMWE

About JQL

About JQL in JMWE - using jqlSearch() function

Simple conditions:

  • Issue type is a Bug
  • Priority of the issue
  • Checking the value of a multi-valued field
  • Transition parent issue only when all the subtasks are in status “Done”
  • Reporter is a member of a specific group - reporter in membersOf("")

Note: Not to use such expensive operations and instead use Groovy scripting

Complex conditions:

  • The current issue is the only issue that is resolved
  • "issuetype = "Test case" AND "Test Failed against browsers" is EMPTY" - Groovy condition
  • Disallowing working on too many issues at the same time.
  • Preventing users from reporting too many issues per day.
  • Generate a report of all HIGH severity JIRA tickets for a project with key X (or name X) that were created from 9 PM EST to 12 AM EST from the start of the year?