Clear field(s)

When you add this post-function to a transition and the transition is triggered, it will clear the value of the specified field or fields, for either the issue being transitioned (the current issue) or a related issue.

Please note: This post-function replaces the Clear field value, Clear field value of related issues, and Clear field value of linked issues post-functions. These post-functions will not be removed at this time, but should not be used in any new extensions. Any workflows that use the deprecated extensions should be updated to use this post-function instead.

Configure the post-function

  1. Follow the steps above to add a post-function to a Transition.

  2. From the list of post-functions, select Clear field(s).

  3. Click Add.

  4. The Clear field(s) page will open (Figure 1, right). Configure the post-function as needed, setting the options for fields, on which issue(s) the extensions should operate, and additional options as necessary. See below for details on each of the configurations.

  5. Click Add.

Note that you need to publish the workflow for the new post-function to take effect.

Field selection

Select the fields on which the post-function should operate.

  • Fields - The field or fields that should be cleared when the post-function runs. Start typing to select a field, or open the pulldown menu and select a field.

You can set multiple fields to clear in the same post-function!

Target Issues

Run as

Conditional execution

Error Handling

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Figure 1 - Clear Field(s) post-function