Linked Issue Field

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The Linked Issue Field is a feature that allows you to display specific information from linked issues within your Jira instance. It provides a way to establish connections between different issues and retrieve relevant data from those linked issues.

By creating a Linked Issue Field, you can choose the type of link you want to focus on, such as "blocks" or "reviewed by." Then, you can specify which field or custom field from the linked issue you want to display. This could be any information you find useful, such as the assignee, status, priority, or any other field available in Jira.

With the Linked Issue Field in place, whenever you view an issue, you can conveniently see the relevant information from the linked issues displayed within that field. This feature enhances the visibility and context of related issues, enabling you to have a comprehensive understanding of the connections and dependencies between different tasks, subtasks, or related items within your project.

How to Define a Linked Issue Field

To define a Linked Issue Field, follow these steps:

  1. Click Apps in the top menu, and from the sidebar, navigate to ENHANCER PLUGIN FOR JIRA.

  2. Open Panel Field Configuration.

  3. Click Add New Panel Field the button, and click Linked Issue Field > Add Field.

  4. Provide a name for the panel field that represents the field from the linked issue.

  5. Optionally, write a description to provide additional context for the field.

  6. Select the issue’s link type.

  7. In the "Field" section, select the desired field (e.g., Created) that you want to display from the linked issue.

  8. Click Save field to save the panel field.

The field will now be visible in the JEP Field. By clicking on the issue name, you will be directed to the corresponding linked issue.