Panel Fields

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Certain custom fields in JEP On-Prem couldn’t be migrated to JEP Cloud due to field type restrictions in Jira. To overcome this limitation, we are introducing JEP Panel. With the JEP Panel, we have deviated from using Jira’s custom field module and have implemented a distinctive approach to displaying custom fields. As of version 1.1.4, you now can utilize JEP panel fields for seamlessly creating new fields and establishing connections between them.

The panel fields in JEP Cloud function similarly to standard custom fields in JEP On-Prem. At present, we offer three panel fields: the Parent Issue Field, Linked Issue Field, and Epic Issue Field. These panel fields provide equivalent functionality to their counterparts in JEP On-Prem, allowing you to effectively manage and track relevant information in your JEP Cloud instance.

The JEP Panel is on the right-hand side of the screen, available as a separate panel.
Click the JEP panel to view all the panel fields created.

The JEP Panel title is accompanied by a numerical indicator that represents the amount of data contained within it. It is important to note that this number does not reflect the count of panel fields defined on the Panel Field Configuration page. Instead, it signifies the number of data present within the panel. This feature allows you to quickly assess the quantity of data associated with the JEP Panel.

Panel Fields Configuration

To open the Panel Field Configuration page, click Apps in the top menu, and from the sidebar, navigate to ENHANCER PLUGIN FOR JIRA and click Panel Field Configuration.

You can create three types of fields: the Parent Issue Field (allows you to display a specific field from the parent issue within a child issue), Linked Issue Field (displays a chosen field or custom field from a linked issue), and Epic Issue Field (similar to the Parent Issue Field but specifically designed for managing epics).

These field types offer convenient ways to retrieve and display relevant information from related issues or epics within the JEP panel, eliminating the need to navigate to separate issues for viewing specific fields. The process for creating each of these fields is nearly identical. For detailed instructions on creating and configuring these fields, please refer to their respective documentation, which provides step-by-step guidance and information specific to each field type:

  1. Parent issue field

  2. Linked issue field

  3. Epic issue field