ICC - Dashboard Gadget

Issue History Collector provides the ability to build Dashboards on your Jira Cloud site to keep Project Managers up to date with their project progress.

Using Issue History Collector Gadget on your Dashboard empowers you to keep eye on the ball and react immediately to any gaps. Now, you are able to track the performance of your employees and visualize the history of tickets, trends, and team workload.

The Gadget consists of several reports that will help you to look at the work of your team from different angles. It comes in handy if you want to:

  • control ticket time in statuses
  • see how long each of your team works on each task
  • analyze sprints in a split of statuses
  • compare spent time on task by workers or type of work
  • cover many other specific needs where information about issue time is crucial

See details of currently available reports within Issue History Collector Gadget and find which ones work best for you:

Below you can see general steps on how to start using the Issue History Collector Gadget.

Adding Gadgets on the Dashboard

Follow these steps to add a gadget to a dashboard:

  1. Go to Dashboards in the navigation bar and click Create dashboard or choose any of the previously configured ones.
  2. On the dashboard, select Add Gadget.

  3. Click Load all gadgets.

  4. Enter Issue History Collector in the search box and press Add gadget button.

  5. That's all. Now you can start setting up gadgets according to your needs. You're able to add as many Gadgets on your Dashboard as you want.