Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

Are you planning a migration to Cloud? Make sure you don't lose your BigPicture data/configurations in the process. Check out this page for information on how to migrate BigPicture's data to Cloud. If you have any questions please email

Staging (migration between instances of the same type)

Before generating a dump file, upgrade the app (to version 8.2.2 or higher).

Follow the steps below if the staging environment is the same as the production environment.

  • Server → Server
  • Data Center → Data Center
  • Cloud → Cloud 
  • Server → Data Center

Steps overview 

Before you proceed, please read. the following instruction carefully and copy all steps to the clipboard to keep it on hand.

  1. Create application backup (production environment)
  2. Create Jira backup (production environment) 
  3. Restore Jira backup on a staging environment
  4. Install the application on a staging environment
  5. Restore application backup on a staging environment

Step 1 - create BigPicture backup and download it

  1. Go to BigPicture App Configuration > Advanced > Database dumps
  2. Press the New dump button, add a description and confirm (Create dump button)

  3. The new database dump should appear at the top of the list of backups (page refresh may be needed).
  4. Press the Download button to save the backup file to disk.

Step 2 - create a Jira backup and download it


Go to System > Backup Manager > Create backup for cloud 


Go to System > Backup system > Backup 

Step 3 - restore Jira backup on a staging environment


Go to System > Restore System > Import data (import the Jira backup file)


Go to System > Restore system > restore using the Jira backup file (Restore)

Step 4 - install BigPicture on a staging environment


Go to Jira Apps > Find New Apps and search for the BigPicture plugin.


Go to System > Manage apps and install BigPicture.

Step 5 - restore BigPicture backup on a staging environment

  1. Go to BigPicture App Configuration > Advanced > Database dumps
  2. Upload the app database dump (Import button)

  3. Press the Restore button in the line with the backup name 
  4. Confirm the next step by selecting Migrating between instances, e.g., production to staging, and press the Next button
  5. Check the confirmation box and press the Next button
  6. Confirm the operation by entering the word RESTORE and press the Restore button

    If the BigPicture instance is not new and some work has already been done on it, this work will be overwritten! BigPicture will automatically dump its current state before performing the restore operation (so that the process can be reversed).

  7. The database recovery process will start

    After the recovery process is complete, the migration from one instance to another is over. You can go to the BigPicture application and verify the correctness of the data.

Additional information 

Instance status after restore

Any integration instances after restore operation will be in a “not operational” state.
This mechanism is to prevent a situation where two applications make changes in the same integration instance at the same time.

To activate selected integrations, move the switch in the Active column in the App Configuration > Integrations > Connections panel:

Data center vs server

If the restore process is performing on the DC machine, but the dump file was done on the server machine, a reinstall process of the application will be required:

Application version mismatch 

Dump and restore should be done in the same version of the application (e.g., a backup dump was created in BigPicture 8.2.3 → restore should be done in BigPicture 8.2.3).

App versions Fix 
Case 1

dump created in a higher App version then restore


  • 'Dump' was created in BigPicture 8.2.3
  •  You are trying to run a 'restore' in BigPicture 8.2.2

Upgrade the application - upgrade the BigPicture that you are trying to run a 'restore' on to be the same on which the 'dump' file was created. 

Case 2

dump created in a lower App version than restore


  • 'Dump' was created in BigPicture 8.2.0
  •  You are trying to run a 'restore' in BigPicture 8.2.3
Not possible. BigPicture doesn't support rollbacks.

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