Upgrade (migration from BigGantt to BigPicture)

Before generating a dump file, upgrade the app (to version 8.2.2 or higher).

The below instructions are for a switch from BigGantt to BigPicture ONLY (within the same Jira instance).

If you want to generate a BigGantt dump for one Jira instance and import it to BigPicture on a different Jira instance, take a look at either Migration (Server to Cloud) or Staging (migration between instances of the same type) instructions.

Steps overview

Before you proceed, please read the following instructions carefully and copy all the steps to a clipboard to keep them at hand. Make sure to complete each step:

  1. Create a backup of the BigGantt data.

  2. Download the BigGantt backup to your machine.

  3. Turn off BigGantt.

  4. Install BigPicture.

  5. Restore the BigGantt backup in BigPicture.

Steps 1 & 2 - create a BigGantt backup and download it

  1. Go to BigGantt App Configuration > Advanced > Database dumps.



  2. Press the New dump button, add a description and confirm (Create dump button).

    Wait for the process to finish:

  3. The newly created database dump should appear at the top of the list (page refresh may be needed).

  4. Download the file and save it on your machine.

Steps 3 & 4 - turn off BigGantt and install BigPicture

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Manage Apps.

  2. Disable BigGantt

  3. Install the BigPicture plugin.

  4. Enter a valid license.

  5. Run the BigPicture plugin, the database configuration process will begin.


Step 5 - Restore BigGantt database in BigPicture plugin

  1. Go to BigPicture Configuration> Advanced > Database dumps.

  2. Upload the BigGantt dump you created earlier to the BigPicture (Import button).