7.3.0 Release Notes

Apr 16, 2024

Comala Document Management 7.3.0 is a feature update and bugfix release.

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What’s New?



  • cloud migration now supports the migration of the color of the current workflow state

  • updates in preparation for Confluence 9

  • Document States Report macro no longer includes approval filters - Approval assigned to; Approval name; Approval status


The approval filters are available in the new Document Approvals Report macro.


  • updated the workflow popup state progress tracker to show the progress line up to the current state

  • resolved an edge case error in the pre-check of document activity data

Releases of Comala Document Management v7 and later are data center only.

Releases of Comala Document Management v6 from v6.17.11+ are server only. Atlassian Confluence Server reached end of life on 15 Feb 2024. Appfire no longer automatically provides bugfixes and updates for our server apps after this date.