Upgrading to Confluence Data Center


Considering upgrading your Confluence server instance to data center?

Comala Document Management 7 includes the improved capability of Document Activity to record and report on workflow events and activity on pages with an applied workflow. This provides

  • better performance and stability

  • a new Document Activity Report with improved filtering and layout

  • a Document Activity API to drive your own business insight

We recommend upgrading your current Comala Document Management app to the latest version prior to any upgrade.

After upgrading your instance to data center you will need to purchase the appropriate licence keys for Confluence and the data center licence keys for your apps.

To avoid any impact to your apps, before you enter your Confluence Data Center license key Atlassian recommend that you update each app to the data center version and enter their new data center licence key for the app.

Here are some information sources on the Atlassian Confluence Data Center platform.

Document activity data upgrade

When installing Comala Document Management 7.0 or later for the first time

  • existing spaces with an applied workflow (created with an install of a Comala Document Management v6+ release) will need to have their data upgraded to use document activity

  • new spaces will automatically use document activity

  • existing spaces without an applied workflow will will automatically use document activity when a workflow is applied in the space

Upgrading data for existing spaces with a workflow is managed by a global administrator using the Document Activity Upgrade console.

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