Comala Document Management workflows - Getting Started


A Comala Document Management workflow helps you manage the review and approvals process for pages and blog posts in a Confluence space.


The simple workflow in the diagram above consists of two workflow states: Review and Approved. These are the milestones in your document management process. The process routes from one milestone to another are the workflow transitions.

After installing the app, three bundled workflows are available in all the spaces in your Confluence site

One or more custom workflows can be created or added to each space.

Each workflow has a different document management workflow process to provide greater control of your document development and management.

Workflow application

A workflow is added and applied either as a

  • space workflow in the space document management dashboard to all the pages and blog posts in the space by a space administrator

  • page workflow on the page or blog post on a page-by-page basis by a page editor

Edits to the active space workflow in the document management dashboard are applied to all the pages and blog posts in the space.

A page workflow is a copy of the chosen workflow and once applied to a page, the workflow on the page is unique. Edits to the original workflow do not change the workflow added to the page. The updated workflow must be applied as a new workflow to each page or blog post.

Only one workflow can be active on an individual page or blog post. An active space workflow takes precedence over any page workflow applied to a page or blog post on a page-by-page basis.

Space document management dashboard

A space administrator can manage and apply a workflow to all documents in a space using the space settings Document Management dashboard.


The document management dashboard by default, displays the workflows included on installation of the app.

These bundled workflows are appended with a TEMPLATE lozenge. They cannot be overwritten but a copy can be created n the dashboard and this copy edited.

The Actions options

  • View detail opens a dialog box displaying a description and visual flowchart of the workflow

  • Duplicate opens a dialog box to create a copy of the workflow in the dashboard

Enable and apply the space workflow to all the pages in the space by moving the grey slider to a blue slider.

Only one workflow in the space document management dashboard can be enabled and applied at one time. Enabling a different workflow automatically disables any active workflow.

Each workflow includes different process options. These include

If there is no enabled workflow in the dashboard, a workflow can be added and applied on a page-by-page basis to pages and blog posts in the space

Custom workflows in the space document management dashboard

You can create custom workflows to manage your bespoke document management process to meet your business, team, or compliance needs.

A custom workflow is added to the space document management dashboard. To add a custom workflow you can

Editing a custom workflow

A custom workflow added to the dashboard includes additional Actions options.

Choose an Actions option, to edit a custom workflow using

A custom workflow is deleted permanently from a space using the Actions dustbin option.

Page workflow picker

If there is no active (enabled) space workflow in the space document management dashboard, all workflows listed in the dashboard are available to add and apply to pages and blog posts page-by-page.

To open the workflow picker, on a page or blog post

  • choose the Add Workflow breadcrumb

  • select the Add Workflow to this Page option in the popup

The workflow picker is displayed.

Scroll down and up in the dialog box to view all the available workflows in the space to add as a page workflow.

Highlight a workflow

  • choose View detail to display the workflow description and the visual flowchart

  • choose Apply to add and apply a copy of the workflow to the current page