Basic Approval Workflow


The Basic Approval Workflow is bundled with the app and on application of the workflow the content (a page or blog post) can be in one of the following three states

  • Review - while the page is awaiting review

  • Approved - when the page has been approved

  • Rejected - when the page is rejected

Each time the page is edited in either the Approved or Rejected state the workflow transitions back to the Review state.

E-signatures can be required for reviewers on each individual approval in the Review and Rejected states. The credentials requirement can be set for each approval using workflow builder.

A Comala Document Management workflow can be applied to pages and blog posts.

Workflow states and state transitions

The Review state has a content review, named Approval.

The reviewer simply decides on the whether to approve or reject the content. The transition destination state for each decision is set by the workflow.

The Approved state is defined as the final (or published) state in the workflow.


In the Basic Approval workflow, the workflow transitions the content to the Review state when a user edits the page or blog post.

The workflow popup has a Document Activity button to display the workflow document activity.

Adding approval assignees

Using the workflow popup, you can manually assign one or more users to review the content in the Review state, and if required add a note for the reviewer.

If you assign multiple users to undertake the content review,  each assigned reviewer will need to give their individual approval before the content is approved and any approved transition takes place

When an approved page has been edited, it transitions to the Review state.

In this moment, there are two versions or views of the same page

  • the previously approved version of the page i.e. the page in the state Approved

  • the page with the latest modification i.e. the page in the Review state

If we are in the Review state, we can always navigate to the page latest approved version, with the View approved link.

This option allows you to easily view the latest approved version while the page is in the workflow draft state Review.

In the latest approved version we can navigate to the current content version that is awaiting review with the View pending approval link.