JSON Trigger actions


One or more trigger actions can be set for a named event in the workflow.

When the workflow event occurs the trigger checks that any required condition is met, and if met the action(s) will occur.


A list of actions to perform once the event has occurred and the conditions are fulfilled. A single trigger may include one or more actions.

Triggers can be added to a workflow using workflow builder.

workflow builder visual editor - edit workflow panel with trigger added
"triggers:" [ {"event": "on-change-state", "conditions": [ {"state": "Rejected"} ], "actions": [ {"action":"set-message", "type":"info", "title":"Hey My Wonderful design and Tech Team", "body":"We have some work to do ... it was rejected!!!"} ] } ]

If adding the JSON trigger using workflow builder there is no need to include the opening "triggers:" JSON markup notation, since it will be added automatically by workflow builder.

If the action includes a "user" parameter, the users can only be added using the userId. The "group" parameter value can be added as either groupId or groupName. Both the "user" and the "group" parameters accept workflow parameters.






"assign" and "unassign"