How to obtain debug logs for Appfire apps in Confluence

This article explains how to get debug logs for the following Appfire apps in Confluence.

  • Announcer for Confluence
  • Delegated Group Management in Confluence
  • Build Status Tracker for Confluence


  1. Log into a Confluence instance as an administrator and navigate to  (Cog Wheel) > General Configuration.

  2. In the ADMINISTRATION section, select Logging and Profiling.

    The screen Logging and Profiling is displayed. For more information about the screen, refer to Configuring Logging.
  3. Add the following details:
    • Enter com.wittified for Class/Package Name
    • Select DEBUG from the New Level drop-down
    • Click Add Entry:

      The added package can be seen under the Existing Levels.
  4. Generate support zip and share it with the required users.

Generate a support zip file

  1. Log into Confluence as an administrator and navigate to  (Cog Wheel) > General Configuration.

  2. In the ADMINISTRATION section, select Troubleshooting and support tools.

  3. Select the Create support zip tab and click Create zip to create support zip file.

  4. Once the support zip is generated, click Download zip.