How to solve the issue of add-ons being disabled after updating Core plugins or RB plugins


This page concerns an issue where the RB plugins are updated prematurely, which causes certain add-ons that are dependent on these RB plugins, for example, Composition Tabs for Confluence Server & Data Center, Scaffolding Forms & Templates for Confluence Server and Data Center and Scaffolding Forms & Templates for Confluence Server and Data Center) to be disabled.

Our developers are taking steps to solve this issue.

In the interim, workaround steps to solve this issue are outlined below.

Solving the Issue

Method 1

Method 2

  • install the newest version of all affected apps

If the updated apps are still disabled

Method 3

If the above methods fail

  • try uninstalling all affected apps (including their related RB plugins)

  • then, reinstall the latest versions of those apps, one by one

If the apps are still disabled after reinstallation

  • clear the plugin cache

  • try to re-enable the apps

Other Suggestions

If you have already tried the above suggestions, then try the following:

  • restarting the server

  • review the logs for any installation errors

Do not downgrade RB Plugins!

Here are some additional reminders regarding RB plugins:

  • ensure you do not downgrade any RB plugins to a lower version than what is installed by a Confluence app

Downgrading a RB plugin may affect other add-ons and may even disable them.