Modern version of app(s) and Util Library fail to enable


You might encounter issues where Appfire apps, such as Reporting, Scaffolding, Linking, or Tracking and the Util Library are being disabled.

Additionally, the following error message is displayed in atlassian-confluence.log.

2023-10-16 14:32:05,046 ERROR [ThreadPoolAsyncTaskExecutor::Thread 46] [atlassian.plugin.module.PrefixDelegatingModuleFactory] createModule Detected an error (NoClassDefFoundError) instantiating the module for plugin 'com.comalatech.workflow' for module 'workflowSupplier': com/servicerocket/confluence/randombits/supplier/core/annotate/AnnotatedSupplier. 2023-10-16 14:32:05,274 ERROR [ThreadPoolAsyncTaskExecutor::Thread 46] [plugin.osgi.factory.OsgiPlugin] onPluginContainerFailed Unable to start the plugin container for plugin 'com.appfire.confluence.plugin.appfire-utility-library'

When trying to enable the Appfire app(s) and the Util Library, the apps will fail to enable.

This article refers to the Appfire (previously ServiceRocket) apps and Utility Library. The com.appfire.confluence.plugin.appfire-utility-library may be displayed as com.servicerocket.confluence.plugin.servicerocket-utility-library.


This issue is being caused by 3rd party add-ons that have a dependency on Appfire Util Library.

3rd party add-ons that have a dependency on the Appfire Util Library include


  • uninstall the affected

    • 3rd party apps(s)

    • Appfire apps(s)

    • Appfire Utility Library

  • install the Appfire app(s) first (this automatically installs the Appfire Utility Library)

  • then, install the 3rd party app(s)