Are the Randombits Libraries Still Required?

All modern versions of Appfire apps have removed Randombits (RB) libraries dependency.

The Dependency Matrix shows up-to-date information on which app requires which library. There are two sections (for modern and older versions) for comparison.

Despite this improvement, it is not possible for app vendors to automatically remove libraries that are no longer required inside Confluence. Therefore, manual uninstallation by Confluence administrators is necessary.

Third-party apps

There are other third-party add-ons known to use RB libraries. If you use the following apps, please check within the app documentation if there is available version to support this improvement.

Can I uninstall Randombits libraries now?

If you have upgraded all Appfire apps to modern versions, you may remove all RB libraries (including Conveyor Plugin) per App Dependencies.

If in doubt you may

  • uninstall all the affected Appfire apps

  • followed by uninstalling all RB libraries

  • then, reinstall all the apps