Export Space or Pages for Troubleshooting

Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud allows users who have the necessary space permission to export spaces or selected pages to a file in various formats. If the export is done in the XML format then the export file can be used by troubleshooters to investigate the problem by importing it into their troubleshooting environment.

In some cases, the Artemis support team may request a space/page export for use in troubleshooting.

When you provide an export file to support please let the support team know the name of the space that was exported. Confluence tooling for importing makes it difficult to determine the name of the space that it has imported and it can be hard for support to find your space on a large instance.

Depending on your company’s regulations for sharing data this may or may not be possible. If you are able to share your content with support then see the Confluence documentation:


Import Space or Pages for Troubleshooting

Importing an exported space is something that our support team does to troubleshoot customer problems but it is also a valuable tool that customers can use.

For example, you may want to export a problem page/space from your production environment and import it to dev or staging for troubleshooting: