Unable to edit a page after using Copy Page Tree or Copy Space


Atlassian recently changed something that broke editing of pages created with multi-page copying, and since have released a fix for that issue. See CONFCLOUD-70325 to look into details.

While this fix will work for all the pages that have been copied since that bug fix was released, the pages copied before that fix are still not editable. CONFCLOUD-70492 was created to fix these pages.


If you cannot wait for that release (understandably), here are a few workarounds to allow you to edit the page. They seem to work somewhat inconsistently. Some only work once and then, you have to repeat them again. Alternatively, you can delete the copies and copy them again from the originals.

Try any of these:

  • Clear the cache, log in and out, and repeat the cache clearing.

  • Click Edit > ... > View changes. Then, return to current version.

  • Edit your page. In the URL address bar of the browser, edit the URL to replace /edit-v2 with /edit/.  Refresh the editor with the changed URL and publish the page.

    • Some users have reported that this did not work for them, but it is known to work for some users.

  • Create a new bookmark on any page in your browser.

    • Edit the bookmark. Change name to Fix page or any other suitable name, and change the address to the following:
      javascript:fetch('/wiki/rest/tinymce/1/content/' + /pages(\/\w-)?\/(\d)/g.exec(location.href)2 + '/draft/diff').then(() => console.log('Page fixed')).catch(() => console.log('Error'));

    • Save the bookmark. For convenience, move the bookmark to some easily accessible place (for example: Bookmarks Bar in Chrome).

    • Navigate to the page that you are unable to edit and invoke the added bookmark. You should now be able to edit the page.

  • Navigate to the page that you cannot edit and open Developer Tools (Chrome), Web Inspector (Safari), or the respective tool in your browser.

    • Now, open Console.

    • Paste the following code in the console and press Enter:
      fetch('/wiki/rest/tinymce/1/content/' + /pages(\/\w-)?\/(\d)/g.exec(location.href)2 + '/draft/diff').then(() => console.log('Page fixed')).catch(() => console.log('Error'));
      You should see the "Page fixed" message, and after that, you should be able to edit the page.

Contact our Support team if you still face any issues.