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This gadget is deprecated and it’ll be remove in December 2024


Evaluations are included within the active installations tally, so it’s the beginning of the sales funnel: Either increase the active installations and keep the conversion rate, or keep the active installations and increase the conversion rate, easy, right? Of course not, but at least we help you keep an eye on it!

To see individual app active installations check

This gadget displays the total number of active installations a marketplace partner vendor has had over a specific period of time. This includes all the apps of the selected marketplace partner account.

Remember what Atlassian indicates about active installations:

  • Applications report app installations in active server instances connected to the internet.

  • An app installation could be licensed, unlicensed, disabled, or unused.

  • This chart reflects about 70% of locally-hosted customer instances.

  • This data reflects all application license types, including evaluation or development licenses.

  • Your current reporting period won't appear until the end of the week.

It also compares the active installations with the previous period of time, in red when there has been a decrease in the number of active installations, and in green, when there has been an increased in the number of active installations.


Name your gadget meaningfully, so everyone knows at a glance what it is about and when to use it. Fill out the rest of the fields as applicable, namely:

  • The datasource, select a Marketplace datasource (see

  • The time period you want to display and compare the active installations of your vendor account.

  • The vendor associated with the marketplace partner account.

  • Finally, indicate if you want to use the current settings for all the compatible gadgets in the dashboard. This option eases the pain of configuring one by one the rest of the gadgets with the same default configuration.


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This gadget appears in the following dashboard: (see Atlassian Marketplace Partner).

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