Manage Access of Users and Organizations to the Jira Service Management Customer Portal


When an organization provides premium support services through Jira Service Management (JSM), customers need a mechanism to access the reports, so they know if SLAs are being met or breached for example. Organizations resort to manual approaches like exporting JSM reports to documents, creating PDFs and sending these by email (read our success stories about Unifly and Success Solutions).

With Dashboard Hub your admin can enable the functionality to share with customers and organizations of your JSM portals specific reporting dashboards.

Admin configuration - global settings

Navigate to the global settings, to the Dashboard Hub section. Enable the toggle in the “Enable Access in the Customer Portal” section.


Now, customers and organizations can be added to VIEW dashboards (EDIT is not permitted by users of the Customer Portal).

Permissions for customers and organizations at dashboard level

Users of Jira Service Management Customer Portals (i.e., customers) and organizations can now be granted access to VIEW dashboards. Customers and organizations can be selected in the Customer Portal section of the dashboard settings.

You can create a single dashboard for all your organizations (for example, to showcase your public roadmap or work in progress). Just select the option Allow any organization.


Jira users won’t appear here, just users of your Customer Portal and organizations. Select the ones you’d like to provide access.

Content Filtering of shared dashboards

If enabled, this filter limits the content of the dashboard to the specific organization of the viewer. Thus, even if the viewer has access to this dashboard, the content displayed will be limited to issues/tickets belonging to her/his organization. Take Maria as an example. Her organization is Appfire, so Maria will see all the issues where she is the reporter and also, all the issues with Appfire as organization.

Security enhancement: Issues/tickets without an organization won’t be available when filtering content! If an issue have empty the Organization field, it won’t be shown.

Available gadgets

This filter only applies to data from the local Jira instance (all Jira Service Management gadgets, but also the JQL Custom Charts, Formula Cards, Cycle Time and Lead Time gadgets), data from other gadgets or external instances won’t be displayed at all.

If the user sees a gadget with the following message:

You cannot view the content of this gadget. The person sharing the dashboard has activated the “Content filtering” functionality.
Contact the person sharing this dashboard for further information.

It means that the content has been filtered for one of the aforementioned reasons.

Customer Portal

When the customer accesses to the portal, a new “Dashboard Hub” option appears in the menu.

This option redirects the customer to a window with all the dashboards this customer has been granted access to.

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