Why Dashboard Hub for monday.com is enterprise-ready

Dashboard Hub provides several features that makes it the perfect tool for large teams:

Integrations (monday Work OS, Atlassian, third-party apps)

Combine data from 12+ product integrations to create your powerful Central Data Hub. Empower your team to stop jumping from one tool to another – changing context, losing productivity, and wasting time. In Dashboard Hub, you can centralize the data from your favorite products into a single reference point, enabling a Single Source of Truth.

Learn more about available integrations

Data from different/multiple monday accounts in the same dashboard

Unlike the default monday.com dashboard that is built to work with the account where it’s installed, Dashboard Hub connects with both the current account as well as several monday accounts.

This lets you use dashboards to keep your data centralized and grant your team a bird’s eye view.

Share dashboards and boards externally with secure passwords

monday.com allows to share dashboards and boards externally, but with very limiting functionality and security. With Dashboard Hub, you can expand in:

  • The data you report on.

  • Who sees that data.

  • The efficiency/transparency of your reporting.

  • Security.

Dashboard Hub allows sharing dashboards and boards with external stakeholders securely with strong passwords. No other data from your account is compromised.

Learn more about public sharing

Advanced permissions

Organizations may want to limit access to specific information for many different reasons. Dashboard Hub allows users to create several layers of permissions to ensure absolute control over who sees what.

Learn more about dashboard permissions

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