The Advance Administration Page

You can configure Power Actions™ on the Administration → Manage Apps → Power Apps Config → Power Actions → Advanced Configuration page.


Here you can configure the following parameters:

Temporary Upload Path

Temporary Upload Directory – When using file upload inputs on a Power Actions Screen, the files are uploaded asynchronously, immediately after they were chosen. You cannot execute the action until all files were uploaded. The location where the files are uploaded is configurable via this parameter. If given an absolute path, it will be used as is; otherwise the path will be considered relative to the kepler folder in your Jira Home directory.

Hide Label

Specifies the behavior of a Power Actions custom field when all buttons are hidden. If set to SHOW, the label will be shown along with the "No actions available" message. If set to HIDE, neither the label nor the message will be displayed. Note that setting this to HIDE may slightly impact performance.



There is no cleanup action performed on the Temporary Upload Directory. It is the user's responsibility to cleanup after the script is done. For more information, see deleteFile.
Note that users can upload files and then cancel the execution of the action. This will leave the uploaded files on the disk and might require regular cleanup.


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