Power Actions User Guide

Our customers often request custom transitions that would change certain values on an issue or take action based on those values without advancing the ticket through the workflow. This usually required identical transitions to be created for every step of the workflow, which was time-consuming as well as difficult to maintain.

We decided that we could use our own Simple Issue Language™ to create custom actions similar to transitions, that are flexible and also reusable, thus reducing maintenance cost and making development and configuring a breeze.

The actions are based on a custom field. This makes them easy to use and also benefit from the already existing Custom Field Context configuration available with Jira.

Power Actions use the following SIL scripts each:

  1. The condition script — defines whether the action is available for the user to execute or whether it is visible to the user but unavailable for execution, or if it is simply hidden with nothing visible on the UI.

  2. The screen script— defines whether an action requires certain user input before the action is executed. It enables the Admin to generate a form with fields that will provide input to the actual execution of the action.

  3. The action script This is the script that does all the work after all input has been gathered.

What's next

Configuring a Power Actions Custom Field