Managing Aliases From the SIL Manager

New in version 5.8.0.x, aliases can be modified directly from the SIL Manager!

To manage SIL aliases in the SIL Manager:

  1. Click the SIL Aliases tab on the right side of the SIL Manager

  2. Click the edit icon on the upper right corner of the aliases panel


  3. Click the plus icon in the upper right corner of the tab to add a new alias


  4. In the newly created row, select a field from the Custom Field drop down list

  5. In the text box (Alias column) add the alias name for the custom field


  6. Click Save



  • The SIL Manager interface also uses the sil.aliases file. Saving changes from the SIL Manager will cause the sil.aliases file to be overwritten.

  • A single custom field can have more than one alias

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