Simple Issue Language® Documentation

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Simple Issue Language® (SIL)

A very short introduction

Simple Issue Language® (SIL®) is intended to simplify work for users who do not know or want to deep dive into the implementation details of Jira. SIL® was written to make things as simple as possible - so a person without strong programming abilities can use it effectively. Though extremely flexible and forgiving, SIL allows users to learn and work with the basics of workflow customization, email handling, issue listeners and scheduled tasks.

As SIL® became more important and it was included to all our scripted fields and apps, this is a reference space for all those apps using the language.

All Jira SIL® routines are also listed here (including some of those added by the other apps). Please check the availability of each routine and the related app.

This documentation describes the latest version of the Simple Issue Language®.
You can download the older documentation for version 3.0here.

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