Converting Milliseconds to Days

Time and dates are stored in milliseconds are stored in Jira following Java convention. How do we convert milliseconds into something useful?


I often find it useful to begin (for sake of conversation) this post from Stack Overflow. In the accepted answer, it has a simple equation for converting milliseconds to days.

days = milliseconds / 1000 millis in a second * 60 seconds in a minute * 60 minutes in an hour * 24 hours * 7 days

Example Scripts

Below are some examples of how we can convert intervals into days and hours. Because of the Type Conversion feature of SIL, both numbers and intervals can be used in an equation to calculate days, hours and minutes. The trunc() routine returns only whole numbers.

number durationMillis = due - created; interval durationInterval = due - created; number days = trunc(durationMillis / (1000 * 60 * 60 * 24), 0); number hours = trunc(durationInterval / (1000 * 60 * 60), 0); number minutes = trunc(durationInterval / (1000 * 60), 0);   runnerLog(durationMillis); runnerLog(durationInterval); runnerLog(days); runnerLog(hours); runnerLog(minutes);

Accounting for 8 Hour Days

For certain durations, Jira considers one day equal to 8 hours. By following the logic found our example equation from the "Background" section, we would divide by 8 as demonstrated below:

days = millis / (1000 millis * 60 seconds * 60 minutes * 8 hours)


At other times you may find it necessary to divide by 3 (because 24 hours divided by 8 is 3).

Additional Help

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