Returns an indexed array of structs mapped to a given field name.


Return Type

String []

Returns an array of indexed structs.


Example Part 1 - Data for structs

Assume we have a CSV file containing a list of toys. There is a column for the toy name and another for the toys color.

name, color Airplane, White Bouncy Ball, Blue Car, Red Dog, Brown Elephant, Gray ...

Example Part 2 - Populating structs

With the given CSV data we can quickly populate an array of structs.

//define struct struct _toy { string name; string color; } //create struct array and populate from csv _toy [] toys = readFromCSVFile("toysList.csv", true);

Example Part 3 - Mapping the struct array

Now that we have a list of structs we can map them to one of the fields.

toys = arrayStructMap(toys, "name"); //mapping each array element to the name field return toys["Bouncy Ball"].color; //element can be retrieved by name now that is has been mapped

Result: "Blue"

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