HTTP Routines

This section contains routines that help you unleash the integration opportunities and basically achieve anything that Jira REST API allows even if you don't have a particular routine.

Choose and click to integrate external systems in minutes — Salesforce, Telcom systems, Zendesk, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Confluence, and so on! You’ve got lots of options - keep two Jira instances in sync, create a Confluence page based on an event in Jira, sync data between Jira and Salesforce, etc. The sky’s the limit. 

Writing scripts that require authentication was a tricky thing in the past. We’ve modernize these tools to simplify the process for you — header, cookie...etc. Go see for yourself. 

Before, people struggled with character limit in the responses. Now, there’s no limitations in gathering all the data you need, and no data loss.

Routines Summary