JSU for Jira Cloud - October 2021 Release Notes

October 2021

Our Products team is happy to announce a number of new product improvements this month, all of which are now available on the Marketplace.

New: Hints & tips

  • JSU will now optionally show relevant “hints and tips” on targeted workflow customization pages in Jira

    • The presence of hints and tips are designed to be unobtrusive alongside Jira and are great for helping new admins get familiar with editing workflows and using JSU

    • Get more detailed contextual help at any time by using “Show Me” to open more information and visuals

    • Hints and tips can be turned on or off at any time from the new “Settings” page within JSU’s administration screens


New: Workflow status tags

  • When viewing a JSU workflow rule within a transition, JSU will now let you know if you're viewing a draft version of that rule which hasn't yet been published

    • Besides the rule itself, you'll now see a "status tag" that can be clicked to open up more information. Workflow rules can have one of two types of statuses:

      • Waiting to Publish - This means the workflow rule you're viewing is part of a draft workflow that hasn't yet been published

      • Active - This means the workflow rule you're viewing is live, and to make changes, you'll need to first create a draft copy of this workflow

New: Navigation changes

  • You can now select a specific workflow you wish to customize when there is more than one workflow associated with a given project

    • This works from both the “Start Customizing” option on the “Get Started” page as well as the “JSU > Edit Workflow” option from an agile board