JSU for Jira Cloud - November 2021 Release Notes

November 2021

Our Product team is happy to announce a number of new product improvements this month, all of which are now available on the Marketplace.

New: Linked Transition post-function look & feel

  • The “Linked Transition” post-function is now easier to use and understand

    • Field options have been re-worded to clarify their function

    • Non-required fields have been moved to an “Optional settings” drop-down for an optimal, clutter-free configuration experience

New: General UI/UX improvements

  • When selecting a project and workflow from the “Start Customizing” or “Agile board → JSU” options, a new “shimmer effect” will appear while the options are loading (to signify the process)

  • Made minor spelling and grammar corrections in various parts of the app

  • Added a secondary way to close JSU overlays with a new [x] or “close” button