Reporting procedure


This section allows you to perform basic troubleshooting actions or (whenever required) extract information that you can later send to the Support team. 

This section does NOT apply to Jira Cloud users due to the nature of Jira Cloud hosting.

For more information about the differences between the App's cloud and server versions, refer to the Cloud vs. On-premise—Key Differences between Platforms page.

If you have encountered any issues with the App and the problem persists after updating to the latest version, contact our Support team. Provide as many details as possible about the issue, including:

  • Screenshots or videos showing the problem (highlight the areas where the problem occurs).

  • Information about the Jira version you’re using.

  • Information about the App version you’re using (if it’s not the latest release).

  • Fine-grained logs (see the Reporting procedure steps below).

Reporting procedure steps 

If you are encountering issues with BigTemplate and wish to help us diagnose them faster, follow the steps below before submitting a report to our Support

If you're not a technical user, nor do you have Jira administrator's permissions, reach out to someone who has the permissions and ask them to:

  1. Go to Jira Administration > Manage apps > BigTemplate configuration > Technical info.

  2. Set the Detailed logging field to Fine-grained.

  3. Reproduce the issue. If you manage to reproduce the issue that you have encountered previously, return to the troubleshooting section again.

  4. Return to the page and click the Download button. 
    The downloaded file is helpful for the Support team once you contact our Support team for further assistance. 

  5. Set the Detailed logging field to Warnings only.

See the video for reference.

Recording of the reporting procedure steps.