Support for Atlassian Server Products (and apps like BigPicture) is ending in February 2024.

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BigPicture Midterm Roadmap - New Draft

(header z najfajniejszymi ficzerami/w nagłówkach tabeli dać ikonki, nie razem, żeby nie było za duż, lepiej jedna grafika na Hero)  

2021 was a pretty busy year for us. We've teamed up with Appfire, one of the fastest-growing and most disruptive players in the Atlassian ecosystem. We released BigPicture 8.1 and 8.2, which improved performance, brought new integrations, and expanded the app's usability. BigPicture is constantly evolving in the spirit of technical excellence blended with a user-first mindset. With BigPicture 8.3 around the corner (or just landed, zależy kiedy roadmapa się ukaże), which brings even more killer features, especially to user experience, we present what we’re up to in the upcoming months and beyond!

Already Available (w miarę możliwości - zamiast linkować do ticketu, linkujemy do artykułu an temat ficzera, ew. release notesów)  (8.3)Just around the corner  (8.4)Visible Horizon (3-6m, 3releases)Future Endeavors 
Easy day-to-day use

Share your Views with everyone (BG also)

Estimation and Priority inline editing (BG also)

Capacity allocation is presented in percentages, man-days, or as a heatmap

Exporting Resources to Excel files with your own settings

Jira Gadgets filtering (BG also)

Map soft dependencies to more than one link type

BigPicture ‘basic task’ conversion to Jira issue (BG also)

Changing position of the task in structure adjusts relations in task source (BG also)

Status inline editing (BG also)

The assignee can be used as a swimlane on the Board module

"Move to top", "Move to the bottom" on Gantt (BG also)

Children statuses categories , Children statuses categories in % and Statuses categories in % aggregations available for box attributes

Inline editing of User / Assignee

WBS UI & UX enhancements in the area of structure builders

Color coding automation

Undo button that reverses last change

Use Story points to set duration on Gantt chart

Multi-language app interface

Improved, more intuitive onboarding

Copy your Jira Board's Quick Filters directly (BG also)

Documentation pages can be displayed inside the App (HOTFIX)

Possibility to add Jira Projects when creating a Box

Teams synchronized with Jira group

Predefined setup when opening Resources module for the first time

Easier sub-scope management through Timebox series

More box types are available in BigPicture not only BigPicture Enterprise

Welcome to BigPicture empty state proposes 3 ways of starting to work with the App

Jira Admin is asked about Field mapping when entering the App for the first time

Users have a basic checklist with onboarding steps when entering BigPicture for the first time

Onboarding tours are targeted to specific segments related to business needs

Users have a refined checklist with steps when entering BigPicture for the first time.

Users have onboarding tours accessible contextually when exploring more advanced features.

Onboarding tours are targeted to specific segments depending on User's experience in the App.

Full control over your Portfolio 

The Overview module columns can be adjusted to one's business need (BG also)

New role: Global Resource Admin

Finance management - foundation (BG also)

New report - Milestones and markers (*BPE only)

New report - Velocity  (*BPE only)

Organization specific metrics

Portfolio level views

New report - Plan delay (*BPE only)

Task report - based on JQL (*BPE only)

Portfolio Box (none scope type) can roll up data (tasks, resources, etc.) in Resource module

The Overview module columns can be predefined and saved as custom views

OKR support

Resource leveling

Users can create custom columns for Overview module

More integrations and standalone app

(placeholder, np. jakiś obrazek z napisem "maintenance" lub "coming soon", jeśli nie ma żadnego ticketu)  

Multiple Jira Cloud instances integration (*BPE only)

Public API for getting/ updating values of respective built-in fields for a particular task

Multiple Azure DevOps

Multiple Jira DC\Servers 
More backup and migration options Possibility to migrate at once Jira Server instance to Jira Cloud (using Site Import) (BG also)

Possibility to backup BigPicture Jira Server / DC instances (BG also)

Possibility to backup BigPicture Jira Cloud (BG also)

Possibility to migrate BigGantt to BigPicture (BG also)

Possibility to migrate at once Jira Server instance to Jira Cloud (using JCMA)