Modules (Box types)

Various modules provide you with different insights into your data. As the terminology can vary from organization to organization, you can rename the modules to ensure their purpose is clear to everyone on your team.

In this section, you can use the toggle switches to specify which modules are available by default in all Boxes of a given Box type. Additionally, you can change the module names. 

Activating the modules and editing their names functions the exact same way as in the Modules configuration section of a Box. 

Security and Access

Only a user with the App admin security role can access and change the Box type configuration.

  1. Access the Administration page and go to the Box Types tab.

  2. Click on the name of a Box type to access its configuration settings. 

  3. Go to General > Modules.

Default active modules

When you deactivate a module, all related configuration tabs and the module links will disappear. You can reactivate the module at any time without losing your data.

Changes made to the default active Modules apply only to Boxes of a given type created after settings have been adjusted. Existing Boxes are not affected (a manual update is required for each existing Box).

To activate or deactivate, click the toggle switch:

Default module

You can set a default module - when you go to a box, you are taken directly to the default module of that box.

Click on Set as the default to change settings. 

The order of the module list is fixed. The default module isn't indicated in any way in the module switcher.  

Default module names

Default module names are the same for all Box types. 

Renaming modules

BigPicture Enterprise feature only.

Module names are based on the Box types settings but can be changed for a given Box.


  1. Click on the module name

  2. Enter new name

  3. To confirm changes, press enter/ click outside of the name box.