Quick Filters (Box types)

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In this section, you can define your Quick Filters and set an inheritance mode; those settings will apply by default to all Boxes of a given Box type. 

Inheritance mode

To learn more about Inheritance modes, go to the Inheritance mode page.

Changing the Quick filter Inheritance mode impacts all Boxes of a given type (existing and newly created).

The Inheritance mode determines whether a Box admin can later go to Box configuration > Tasks > Quick filters and edit the Quick Filters of an individual Box. It also dictates whether filters set up in upper-level Boxes can be used in a Box.

Quick Filters are inherited from all of their upper-level Boxes.

In the example below, a Program Increment will inherit filters from both the "OMEGA" Box and "Home" Box.

This can lead to a situation where a sub-Box has more filters available than its parent:

  • If "Program Increment 1" is inheriting filters- they will come from both "Home" and "OMEGA."

  • If "OMEGA" has only "Own" filters - those filters that were configured for "Home" won't be available in "OMEGA."

BigPicture-partyzant3 (38).png


When a Box type has a Quick Filters inheritance mode set to "Own," you can only use filters defined for an individual Box.

For example, "Program" is a Box type. When you create a new Box using this type, it will have the "Default Quick Filters" (specified for the "Program" Box type) + filters you manually add to an individual Box. 

Once a new Box has been created, a Box admin can access its Configuration to manage filters (change existing ones, add new ones, delete, etc.) What you see is what you get. Filters listed in the tab are the only ones available for the "Omega" Box.

Own with inherited

When Quick Filters for a Box type are set to "Own with inherited," a resulting Box has filters that can be edited/deleted/created in Box Configuration + filters inherited from upper-level Boxes (that cannot be changed). A Box admin can review Box settings in Box configuration. 

Inherited filters are marked with arrows in the Box Configuration of a Program Increment Box. Those filters cannot be edited or removed (this type of change would have to be done in the upper-level Boxes those filters originate from). New filters can be added to the Box. 

Inherited Only

When Quick Filters for a Box type are set to "Inherited only," a resulting Box doesn't have its filters - only filters inherited from upper-level Boxes are available. The "Quick Filters" tab is hidden in Box Configuration. 

In Box Configuration of all Boxes of this type, the "Quick Filters" tab is hidden. You can't change or review the filters there. 

You must try using them to see the filters - all inherited filters are visible on the list.

Default Quick Filters

Define the default Quick Filters of a Box type - the default filters are automatically available in all newly created Boxes of this type. 

Once a Box is created, a Box admin can edit the Quick Filters in the Box configuration > Tasks > Quick filters (if the Inheritance mode allows it). 

Changes to the default Quick filters of a Box type apply only to newly created Boxes. Existing Boxes won't be updated.

In other words, when a new Box is created, the roles specified for a Box type are copied into the Box you create. This is the only time this happens. When a Box already exists, changes to the template don't affect it. Note: you can leave the template empty if you prefer to manually set up all roles each time a new Box of a given type is created.


Creating Quick Filters in the App

Filters added this way are created and available in the App (not saved in Jira). 

To create a filter, enter the following information:

  • Name

  • Query

  • Description

Quick Filters based on existing Jira filters

When you use Jira filters to define BigPicture Quick Filters, ensure all Box users can access those Jira filters. Otherwise, the Quick Filter will not return any results, as the current user doesn't have sufficient permissions.

Quick filters imported from a Jira Board

If you want to import multiple filters simultaneously, you can use the Import from Jira Board option. This will allow you to import a set of filters. 

Select a board from a drop-down:

Select the filters:

  • you can check the box at the top to select all filters

  • manually select each filter

  • use the search function to find the filters you are interested in

Click Import to finish the process.

Security and access


  • Click the "wrenchicon at the top right and select "Box types" from the drop-down list.

  • Click a Box type name to select it and open its settings.

  • On the left, go to Tasks > Quick Filters tab.